Sunday, October 16, 2011

The tide was high....

I adore this guy. He always held my arm as I left the boat and I felt safe as could be.
So here we were, floating down the river, and we approached a bridge. It was kinda low, relatively speaking, but Marc and I were mostly oblivious. This crew member came to his customary place, standing on the front of the boat, and I thought we were going to tie up and take a little tour of the market or something. Nope. At least, that wasn't the original plan.

this is our darling guide, whose name we think was Mr. Wong, though that can't be right because he's Vietnamese, not Chinese. Anyway, it sounded like that. He came to the front of the boat to check out the bridge situation.

Yikes. Probably not.
those little kids were laughing and waving at us the whole time. We were quite a spectacle.

SCRAPE. That's the underside of the bridge and the top of the boat.

Marc and I were a little worried.
The back of the boat was higher than the front, because the boat driver and crew sat back there. The guide called Marc and me to come to the back in the hopes that our weight would be just enough to lower the boat in the water enough to let us pass through. Marc scrambled up and helped the crew pushing up on the bridge / pushing the boat down, but the river was still too high. So we backed up and docked, took a little walking tour of the market, then sat to wait.

talking and worrying about mosquitoes.
Nearly an hour later, we tried and again and just squeaked through. It's been very rainy, so the river was high. This was fun.

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