Sunday, October 16, 2011

Life in the Mekong Delta

Here's a small set of 15 photos of life in the Mekong delta:


I made these little notes as we drifted down the river:

roosters crowing
kids waving
a woman hides her face from us with her conical hat

we're served coffee, tea, and tropical fruits

lovely light, and a soft breeze
pale blue clouds

brown water, dozens of greens,
walkway along the river with cyclists pedaling past

rumble of our boat's engine
otherwise so quiet

fireflies in the trees at night

we hear our guide talking and laughing with the crew in the back

When we were going down the river, it was quite high and there weren't many fish, because they'd all gone to the rice fields. One afternoon our guide pointed to a man in a small boat, gathering his nets -- he laughed and said he was not going to catch anything because the fish were all in the rice fields. He covered his mouth as he giggled, and said "When we have what we call 'spare time' we try to catch a fish anyway."

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