Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mekong Lodge

For our last night in Vietnam, we knew we'd want to be rested since our trip home would be very long, and difficult. We also knew we'd be particularly tired after our boat trip, since we didn't sleep well and knew we wouldn't, without air conditioning or a decent shower. So Marc found this spot in Cai Be, the Mekong Lodge. We didn't do much -- we napped, we showered, we ate lunch and dinner and breakfast, and we took a walk. We hung out and recovered and repacked and prepared. It's a fairly new place and we were the only guests, which was kind of creepy, actually. One thing most people do at the Mekong Lodge is to take a cooking class, which we didn't do because hey, we already have a great cook who lives in our apartment....Marc....and he can cook Vietnamese as well as anyone. But since they offer a cooking class, they do have a wonderful cook so the meals we ate were uniformly wonderful. Our dinner in Hanoi, at Madame Hien's, was probably our best meal in Vietnam, but these were all a close second.

really mixed feelings here -- our last night in Vietnam. Ready to go, but never want to leave. You know that mix.

we walked behind the lodge, through the countryside. little children hollered Hi! and waved, chickens clucked and dogs barked, and most of the people we passed lit up with smiles.

here's how they serve fried fish when they roll it up in rice paper. our elephant ear fish was served this way too.

the pier is at the end of this sidewalk

lush landscaping

really. lush.

sunset getting ready
It was a good place to stay for the night, just what we needed before our very long flights home. Sad to leave...

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