Friday, September 30, 2011

Hong Kong, check!

We're here, in Hong Kong. We had an empty seat between us -- cue the choirs of angels on high, hallelujah!! -- which meant it was a comfortable flight and we could take turns stretching out with our heads in each other's laps. It was a much better flight than last year's because of this, although the landing was kind of scary. There was a good bit of rocking from side to side which caused the overhead bin above my head to pop open. No idea what that was about.

from here we take DragonAir to Hanoi -- see the Hong Kong mountains reflected in the glass? And the great logo of DragonAir? AND more Hong Kong mountains in the background. It's a great-looking place, with (so they say) the world's most beautiful harbor. Couldn't prove it by us; this is the 3rd time we've been here and it's been foggy or too cloudy to see.

We arrived at something crazy like 4:30am. nothing was open but McDonald's and some crazy Popeye chicken place. In Hong Kong. Crazy.

not too bad, after a 15-hour flight. then 4 hours sitting in the Hong Kong airport, waiting for a 1.5 hour flight to Hanoi. Joy (and a little rest afforded by that empty seat between us) will do that for you.
It appears our flight to Hanoi is on schedule, four hours from now. Our last flight to Hanoi stopped in Singapore, where we swam in the airport swimming pool which was marvelous. But I was shocked and stunned and exhausted when we arrived in Hanoi, wide-eyed and Othered. This time it'll be "aaaah, here we are again, I love Hanoi." More when we settle in, in a few hours.

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